Corporate Training Programmes in Communication Skills, Employment Equity and Leadership Development

We have been specialists in Corporate Training and Employment Equity since 1993. Our training programmes achieve measurable and real results. We know that if a company invests time and money in staff training, it must make a difference in measurable job performance. Our client list is impressive and our reputation strong.

Our business communication skills courses are run on-site at your company’s premises.

  • We work closely with our clients to ensure an outcomes-based training approach
  • We do training needs analyses prior to training to  make sure it is relevant and customised
  • Our highly skilled facilitators are hand-picked for their experience and ability to relate to participants
  • We provide constructive feedback and assessment to learners and management
  • We work closely with people’s goals to enhance job performance and improve motivation
  • All our courses are kept up-to-date, innovative and interesting

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 Communication1.  How do you know if you’re talking too much?

E-Mail Communication2.  Is e-mail eating away your time?

Read these Articles on our website:

Five reasons why your Employment Equity Strategy might not be working

It’s Employment Equity reporting time again, and many companies are getting a little panicked because the Dept of Labour is upping the number of inspections and penalties for non-compliant companies. Yet you might be one of the many companies who is falling behind in properly implementing EE, because of the seemingly insurmountable challenges EE Managers Read More

 How to invest in Diversity Training that works

A recent Harvard Business Review lead article analysed why Diversity training programmes in corporations generally fail. One of the main reasons cited for this failure is that people don’t change simply because they’re sent on a workshop to learn more about one another.
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Employment Equity – Will your Company Survive a Dept of Labour Audit?

Do you know that if your company employs 50+ employees and doesn’t implement Employment Equity responsibly, you can be fined up to a million rand or 10% of your company’s annual turnover?
What does the Department of Labour require in terms of Employment Equity Compliance?
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Employment Equity Corporate Training Video:

Training in Employment EquityMany companies have put together Employment Equity Committees or Transformation Forums, but find that staff misunderstand what Employment Equity and business transformation is really about. Avoid prosecution and educate your entire workforce with one DVD. Read More

Job Competencies – The Key to Managing People

Competency ProfilingAll people management processes in a business links back to one key element – competency profiles. If a person doing a job has a clear outline of not only what he/she is accountable for, but also what technical and behavioural skills need to be applied to do the task, managing people is a fair and unbiased process that’s easy to measure.
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Employment Equity – Implications of 2014 EE Act Amendments

Employment EquityThe EE Act amendments came into effect as of 1 August 2014, and have far-reaching implications on employers. Is your company compliant, and do you fully understand what the new amendments mean?
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Is it worth training your Employment Equity Committee?

Prog..MeetingsYour Employment Equity Committee is apathetic, members keeps changing or never agree on anything. Sound familiar? If your Transformation Forum or EE Committe is ineffective, you could end up with more unhappy employees than before, and you’ll also face a fine from the Department of Labour. How do you make sure they’re properly trained to really make a difference?
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