5 Reasons why your Employment Equity Strategy might not be working

It’s Employment Equity reporting time again, and many companies are getting a little panicked because the Dept of Labour is upping the number of inspections and penalties for non-compliant companies. Yet you might be one of the many companies who is falling behind in properly implementing EE, because of the seemingly insurmountable challenges EE Managers… [Read More]


A recent Harvard Business Review lead article analysed why Diversity training programmes in corporations generally fail. One of the main reasons cited for this failure is that people don’t change simply because they’re sent on a workshop to learn more about one another. If we really want to transform South African organisations, being legally compelled… [Read More]

Communicating Employment Equity Internally throughout your Company

  The Law requires that companies have good strategies in place for communicating Employment Equity to all levels of staff in the business  – and that’s more than just displaying a copy of the EE Act. Proper consultation and communication of Employment Equity means clarifying to all staff what the Act says, what it means,… [Read More]