Checklist for Writing a good E-mail

Business Writing Skills used to be the domain of a select few people who were responsible for writing correspondence, but, thanks to e-mail, nowadays almost every person in a business needs good business writing skills. The importance of correct and accurate business writing cannot be overemphasised. In the business world, unclear and inaccurate writing leads… [Read More]

How to use Pronouns Correctly

Almost everyone communicates by e-mail nowadays, yet many of us make grammatical errors that detract from the professionalism of our messages. Grammar errors make the writer and his/her company look shabby, and sometimes cause misunderstandings. Over the next few months we will be publishing a series of articles to help ordinary people write better e-mails… [Read More]

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People by E-mail

Badly written and carelessly worded e-mails wreck work relationships and can cost a company immeasurable damage. The alarming thing is, we often don’t even know when our e-mails have been misunderstood and have caused that client to cancel an order, or that colleague to gossip about us behind our backs. Here’s a quick checklist to… [Read More]