A recent Harvard Business Review lead article analysed why Diversity training programmes in corporations generally fail. One of the main reasons cited for this failure is that people don’t change simply because they’re sent on a workshop to learn more about one another. If we really want to transform South African organisations, being legally compelled… [Read More]

How well do you manage Organisational Change?

Print this Page HOW GOOD ARE YOU AS A CHANGE AGENT? If you are a manager or leader in business, you may often find yourself having to get your team through the stress of dealing with organisational or departmental changes. Your ability to communicate and manage this change process can make or break the motivation… [Read More]

Not Time Management – Self Management

Print this Page Why is it that we have invented so many time saving devices to help with our time management skills, and yet we are more stressed than ever? The tools we have put in place to help us manage time are simply not enough. Many years ago businesses had secretaries to help create… [Read More]