Employment Equity Video

Many companies have put together Employment Equity Committees or Transformation Forums, but find that the members don’t know how to perform their functions effectively and constructively. For example, we have noticed that most companies encounter the following most common problems with their Employment Equity Forums:
  • Apathy, lack of interest or involvement of the members;
  • Members bringing personal staff issues to the Forum rather than Employment Equity ones;
  • Internal disagreements and conflict within the Committee or Transformation Forum;
  • A general feeling that they don’t really make a difference in the Organisation;
  • Frustration because Employment Equity doesn’t seem to be taken seriously by senior management;
  • Difficulties communicating resolutions or Diversity Education back to staff
  • Blaming and “Them/Us” attitudes, although little ability to take active steps to assist with qualitative measures to reduce inequity in the workplace.

Companies don’t want to spend too much money training staff who may not sit on the committees for long – But Government is beginning to warn or prosecute companies who don’t train their Employment Equity committees.

Employment Equity Training DVD to Communicate EE to your Entire Staff

Buy our new Employment Equity Training DVD for your Transformation Forum. Or order a bulk package of DVDs, along with a facilitator guide, to train your entire workforce internally.

Through the use of real-life acted scenarios, typical of South African organizational challenges, your staff will develop an understanding of everyone’s role in business transformation. You will:

  • Employment Equity DVDReduce misunderstandings about wage gaps and training expectations
  • Clarify what “unfair discrimination” really means
  • Empower people to speak up on real and relevant discrimination issues
  • Reduce the “non-issues” that EE committees or managers face
  • Get unions and management talking more constructively
  • Get better input from staff for Employment Equity planning
  • Improve real consultation and ensure valuable, relevant AA measures

The full video is 20 minutes long, but to get a taste of it, watch the 3-minute preview below!

If you can’t access this trailer via YouTube, try the link below:
View the Trailer via Vimeo

The video comes supplied with a comprehensive guide to assist managers and facilitators of the video, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

To obtain our price list and bulk order discounts, or to view more previews of the DVD, e-mail us with your contact details, at: ee@copperline.co.za

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