Training Courses

Assertive Communication Skills for Customer Service Staff

2 Days

Call Centre personnel and supervisors, telephonists, help-desk staff, customer service staff and people who deal with inbound or outbound sales or client servicing calls.


1. Introduction to Call Centre Communication

  • The importance of emotional intelligence at work
  • Conflict in the Service Desk / Call Centre environment
  • The link between stress and conflict
  • Dealing with stress – models and techniques
  • Understanding paradigms
  • Building positive self-esteem and confidence

2. Understanding Assertiveness

  • The difference between assertion, aggression, non-assertion and passive-aggression
  • Encouraging other people to be more assertive
  • The basic rights of assertiveness
  • Exercises in understanding assertiveness

3. Professional Verbal Communication

  • Telephone etiquette – how to avoid annoying your client
  • Phrases to avoid in verbal communication
  • The importance of your voice – improving vocal tone
  • Taking control of calls

4. Listening and Questioning Skills

  • Understanding the importance of listening
  • Listening traps
  • Reducing conflict by listening actively and reflectively
  • Listening skills evaluation

5. Assertiveness Skills for Handling Customers

  • Necessary beliefs for handling conflict
  • Understanding difficult customers
  • Identifying the source of conflict
  • Approaches to handling conflict and difficult customers
  • Balancing relationships and issues
  • Route map for dealing with confrontations
  • How to say “No” diplomatically
  • Stating negative information in a positive way
  • Handling criticism
  • Examining your own habits, pitfalls and weaknesses

6. Written Communication

  • Principles of writing and e-mails
  • When e-mail is not appropriate
  • Professional e-mail rules
  • Assertive techniques in writing e-mails
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