Training Courses

Professional Business Communication Skills


2 Days

Anyone at any job level who would like to improve their general communication skills.


Session 1 : Introduction to Business Communication:

• Typical Communication Challenges at Work
• The Meaning and Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Workplace Communication
• Understanding yourself & your Communication Challenges

Session 2 : Principles of Professional Communication

• Conveying a Professional Image in Communication
• Pros & Cons of Different Communication mediums
• The Impact of Non-Verbal Communication
• Principles of Verbal Communication
• Principles of Written Communication
• Choosing the most Appropriate Communication Medium/Method
• Considering the Recipient of your message
• Identifying the Purpose of your Message
• Listening, Watching and “Reading” People
• Questioning to Avoid Misunderstanding
• Choosing the Correct Tone

Session 3 : E-Mail Communication Guidelines

• When E-mail is and is not Appropriate
• Important Things to Remember when Writing
• Layout and Structure for Business E-mails
• Professional E-Mail Etiquette – Guidelines and Rules
• Handling Difficult Situations over E-mail

Session 4 : Conflict Management and Assertiveness

• Understanding the 4 Different Communication Styles
• Guidelines for Appropriate and Assertive Communication
• Balancing Relationships and Issues in Conflict
• Dealing with Difficult People
• Expressing Needs Assertively and Appropriately
• Giving and Receiving Criticism
• Building Better Relationships at Work

Session 5 : Communication Style, Tone and Practical Application

• Active and Reflective Listening Skills
• Positive and Persuasive Verbal Techniques
• Projecting a Positive and Confident Image
• Enhancing Vocal Pitch and Tone for Impact and Influence
• Avoiding Typical South African Language Misunderstandings
• Avoiding Ambiguity and Ensuring Clarity
• Guidelines for Instructions and Requests
• How to Get Action from E-Mails
• Strategies for Reducing Conflict

Practical Exercises are applied throughout the programme, incorporating business and job-relevant Communication Scenarios and Skills Practice

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