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Business Writing Skills

2 Days

Any person who is regularly required to communicate in writing, and is able to correspond in written English at a Tertiary Education level.


1. Introduction to Modern Business Writing

  • The written word as a communication tool
  • The pitfalls of written communication
  • Basic principles of written correspondence

2. Organising your Writing

  • Planning your writing (knowing your purpose)
  • Identifying with the reader
  • Choosing the best tone – formal, informal or colloquial
  • Efficient sentence and paragraph structure
  • Mind-mapping to extract and organise ideas
  • Developing logic and sequence in your writing

3. E-mail Correspondence Guidelines

  • E-mail time waster’s questionnaire
  • When e-mail is and is not appropriate
  • Professional electronic correspondence rules
  • Correct language and structure in e-mail

4. Grammar and Language

  • Commonly confused words
  • Revising punctuation rules
  • Grammar and language errors to avoid
  • Preventing errors in tense and concord
  • Avoiding cliches, jargon and pronunciation errors

5. Effective Style and Tone

  • Avoiding ambiguity and ensuring clarity
  • Expressing declines, warnings and threats diplomatically
  • Giving negative information in a positive way
  • Dealing with e-mail related conflict
  • Being persuasive and ensuring results from e-mails
  • Building business relations and goodwill
  • The importance of self-correction and editing

6. Individual Coaching and Practice Exercises

For a programme in fundamental English writing skills, see our “Communicating Effectively in Written English” course.

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