Training Courses

Caring Customer Relations

A one or two day Customer Relations training programme for any member of staff that interacts with the customers of a business.

1 or 2 Days (optional follow-up sessions also available)

Anyone who interacts with the customers of a business


Day 1:

  • Defining your role in Marketing and Customer Relations
  • Identifying and projecting your company’s image
  • Enhancing passion, responsibility & positive attitudes in delivering customer service
  • Understanding your customer
  • Principles of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Developing effective, professional telephone and front-desk communication
  • Improving listening skills (active & reflective listening)
  • Developing effective questioning & problem-solving techniques
  • Dealing with complaints efficiently, pro-actively and professionally
  • The “Happy Prisoner” concept – loyalty and opportunities
  • Handling conflict – difficult and angry customers

Day 2:

  • Principles and guidelines for professional use of e-mail
  • Building business relations with accurate and appropriate written correspondence
  • Avoiding language errors
  • Stating negative information in a positive way
  • Techniques for politely assertive verbal communication
  • Handling stress and prioritising
  • Individual problem-solving exercises and skills application

“I walked in (to the course) thinking I wanted to learn how to handle customers and ‘get them off my back’ professionally; and I walked out with a different view – that the customer is the most important person to our business, is human and has reasons for his/her behaviour. I now see the difficult customer as an opportunity.” (S.B., Permoseal)

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