Training Courses

Competency-Based Recruitment and Selection

One Day (2 Day programme also available)

Any people who are involved in the selection and/or recruitment of staff, including Line managers, HR managers, Recruitment consultants, HR recruitment staff and Employment Equity Committee Members.


  • To familiarise participants with legal requirements for and impact on recruitment and selection
  • To enable participants to use non-discriminatory practices and procedures in all recruitment
  • To teach participants how to effectively advertise for, interview and select job applicants
  • To enable participants to suitably identify the right behavioural and technical competencies in applicants, which adhere to the requirements of the job
  • To ensure that recruiters in the organisation provide a relevant and valuable service to line functions
  • To reduce employee turnover and the cost of recruitment and training


1. Introduction:

  • Interviewing Problem Areas
  • The Aim of Competency-Based Recruitment
  • Recruitment and the Employment Equity Act – The Legal Framework
  • The Cost of Incorrect Recruitment

2. Preparing for Recruitment:

  • Job Analysis
  • Developing Job Descriptions & Outlines
  • Writing Technical Competencies & Qualifications
  • Identifying Core Behavioural Competencies
  • Recruitment Advertising and using Social Media
  • Telephonic screening of applicants
  • Reference-checking and other Screening Methods

3. The Selection / Interview Process:

  • Group application exercises in Preparing Interview Guides
  • Different Types of Assessment – Choosing the best one
  • Understanding Behavioural Event Interviewing
  • Developing Competency-based Interview Questions
  • Planning the Selection Interview
  • Communication Skills required for Structured Interviews
  • Probing, Listening and Extracting Relevant Information
  • Do’s & Don’ts for Selection Interviews
  • Interviewing Role Plays
  • Developing Equitable Evaluation & Rating Procedures
  • Understanding Potential Biases
  • Ensuring Unbiased Assessment of Candidates
  • Assessing Candidates in Groups & Panel Interviews
  • Post Assessment Activities
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