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Diversity, Inclusion & Transformation Training Workshops


All staff in an organisation, at every level. It is best if a business undertakes a company-wide intervention where all staff from MD to lowest level employees interact together.


Through the use of experiential exercises, practical examples and interactive information sessions, this workshop will enable participants to:

  • Understand the implications of the Employment Equity Act in respect to company practices & policies
  • Explore typical diversity challenges in South African business
  • Understand the meaning and value of diversity in a company culture
  • Gain a better understanding and tolerance of the different South African cultures
  • Understand the true nature of “Inclusion” by examining one’s own paradigms
  • Communicate effectively with different groups and manage diverse teams


  • Understanding the Employment Equity Act and requirements for company complianceDiversity Management
  • Business Rationale and Best Practice for Diversity and Business Transformation
  • Understanding terminology, definitions of discrimination and the law
  • Distinguishing between Fair and Unfair discrimination
  • Distinguishing between Direct and Indirect discrimination
  • Defining Culture & different South African cultures
  • Spiritual beliefs and social traditions in Moslem, Hindu, Christian, Jewish and African cultures
  • Working with differences in African and International Cultures
  • Understanding Socialization & Stereotypes
  • Understanding & dealing with Prejudice
  • Inter-Cultural Non-verbal Clues
  • Games and Exercises on Inclusion and Paradigms
  • Strategies for Communication in a Diverse World

Employment Equity Training and an entertaining DVD on Employment Equity are also available.

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