Training Courses

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders


3-day Programme

1: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership in the Modern Business Environment
  • Introducing and Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Why EQ enhances productivity more than IQ
  • Implications of the Emotionally Intelligent workplace
  • The Transition from Operational to Management roles
  • Defining Leadership and Qualities of Good Leaders
  • A Framework for Developing Emotional Competencies

MODULE 2: Self Development & Motivation

  • Emotional Awareness Questionnaire – Assessing EQ
  • Understanding Motivation, Paradigms and Motivators
  • Setting Personal and Team Goals
  • Developing Responsibility and Ownership
  • Principles for Motivating Staff and Teams

MODULE 3: Developing Motivated, Emotionally Competent Staff

  • Communicating Goals and Performance Standards
  • The Role of Performance Management Systems
  • Overcoming Problems in Performance Management
  • Bridging Communication Gaps
  • Dealing with Personality Differences
  • Diagnosing Performance Problems
  • The Difference between Performance Management, Corrective Guidance and Discipline
  • Models for Corrective Guidance
  • Coaching and Motivating Staff
  • Setting Executable and Measurable Development Plans
  • Practical Skills Application – Case Studies and Role Plays

MODULE 4: Communication Skills

  • Communication Skills Inventory
  • Developing Active and Reflective Listening Skills
  • Selecting Appropriate Communication Methods
  • Understanding Assertiveness
  • Understanding & Dealing with Conflict
  • Assertive Communication Exercises
  • Balancing Relationships and Issues
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback Constructively
  • Building Co-Operative Relationships with Difficult People
  • Persuasive Verbal Communication Skills

MODULE 5: Team Building

  • Principles of Situational Leadership
  • Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Team
  • Delegation and Job Enrichment
  • Managing Stress and Change in Teams
  • Developing and Recruiting for Emotional Competence
  • Questions to Assess and Identify Core EQ Competencies

MODULE 6 : Personal Objective-Setting

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