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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

EQ influences organisational effectiveness in a number of areas such as employee recruitment and retention; development of talent; teamwork; employee commitment; morale and health; productivity; efficiency; sales; quality of service. This one-day workshop will assist leaders and managers to understand emotional intelligence, its importance, and provide tools for creating a more emotionally competent team.

1 Day (We also offer a two-day, focussed programme)

Any team leader or manager interested in the value and meaning of emotional intelligence, who would like to develop a more emotionally intelligent team, with a view to maximising the benefits in work and personal relationships, and minimising stress and conflict at work.


  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Why EQ matters more than IQ
  • Implications of the emotionally intelligent workplace
  • Setting up organisations for the future
  • Assessing your Emotional Competence
  • Strategies for developing an emotionally intelligent team
  • Organisational Best Practices
  • Core Workplace Behavioural Competencies
  • Hiring and HR strategies
  • Questions to identify Core Competencies
  • Selecting Suitable Staff
  • Developing the Emotional Competencies
  • Encouraging Proactive rather than Reactive behaviour
  • Unleashing creativity and imagination in business
  • Organisational culture: fact or fantasy?
  • Characteristics of an emotionally intelligent culture
  • Values, drivers and adaptation
  • Managing Stress and Change in Teams
  • Motivating teams
  • Criteria for successfully integrating EQ into the workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence vs. strategic focus
  • The Emotionally Intelligent leader
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