Training Courses

Inter-Personal Relations Skills

2 or 3 days

People in any position at work, who would like to improve their communication skills, confidence and work relationships.


1. Understanding Inter-Personal Communication at WorkInterpersonal relations training

  • The need for emotional intelligence in the modern business
  • Exploring conflict and communicating challenges at work
  • Attitudes and behaviours that fuel or prevent conflict
  • Understanding Different Behaviour Styles in Conflict
  • Communication inventory

2. Self-Development

  • Understanding Paradigms
  • Analysing Childhood Messages and Other Paradigms
  • Building Positive Self-Esteem

3. Understanding Assertiveness

  • Differences betw. Assertion, Aggression, Non-assertion & Passive-aggression
  • Understanding Difficult People
  • Encouraging other people to be more assertive
  • The Basic Rights of Assertiveness
  • Exercises in Assertive Communication

4. Listening Skills

  • Understanding the Importance of Listening
  • Listening Traps
  • How to reduce conflict by listening actively and reflectively
  • Listening Skills Evaluation

5. Handling Conflict Constructively

  • Necessary Beliefs for Handling Conflict
  • Identifying the Source of Conflict
  • Approaches to Handling Conflict
  • Balancing Relationships and Issues
  • Route Map for dealing with Confrontations
  • Negotiation Tactics and Techniques
  • Handling Criticism
  • Examining your own habits and pitfalls
  • Situational Conflict Resolution

6. Communicating Assertively

  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Verbal Skills
  • The importance of vocal tone: Enhancing elements of vocal tone.
  • Tips for Building Co-operative Relationships
  • Questioning and Persuasion Techniques
  • “Managing Managers” – communicating upwards
  • Role Plays and Skills Practice
  • Setting personal development plans

“This is the best course that I have attended in my 7 years at Media 24!” (D.E., Media 24 Group)

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