Training Courses

Negotiation Skills

2 Days

People at either management or non-management levels, who are involved in any type of negotiation, whether formal or informal.


Module 1: Introduction

  • Individual needs analysis and objective setting
  • Introduction to conflict and negotiation
  • Examining the different types of negotiation
  • Building blocks to improved Negotiation skills

Module 2: Personal Development and Self-Awareness

  • Understanding paradigms and childhood messages
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Choice, responsibility and pro-activity

Module 3: Handling Conflict Constructively

  • Distinguishing between assertion, non-assertion, aggression and passive-aggression
  • Developing a more assertive style in conflict
  • Moving others into assertive communication
  • Identifying the source of conflict
  • Approaches to handling conflict
  • Weighing up issues and relationships
  • Route map for dealing with confrontations
  • Necessary beliefs for handling conflict

Module 4: Preparing for Negotiations

  • Understanding your own negotiation style
  • Identifying non-negotiables
  • Establishing your positions
  • Planning the negotiation
  • Determining negotiation strategies and approaches

Module 5: Negotiating

  • Bargaining conventions and agenda-setting
  • Strategies, behaviour and tactics for Integrative Bargaining
  • Anticipating and dealing with counter-strategies
  • Obtaining win-win solutions
  • Negotiating with colleagues, suppliers and customers
  • Dealing with difficult people and game-playing
  • Handling criticism
  • Closing negotiations

Module 6: Communication Skills

  • Listening skills
  • Questioning techniques
  • Non-verbal communication and strategies
  • Verbal skills
  • Other useful persuasion techniques

Module 7: Role Plays; Negotiation Skills Practice

Module 8: Conclusion and Setting Action Plans

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