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Business Presentation Skills

Learn how to deliver business presentations that are professional and engaging, and draw out the desired responses from groups. Develop the skills to improve the structure, delivery and visual impact of your presentations.

Participants will apply the skills throughout the programme through audio-visual recording of presentations that they will be required to put together, and constructive individual feedback is given. Optional DVD recordings of presentations can be provided to participants.

2 days

Presentation SkillsAnyone who makes business presentations such as: management or sales presentations, staff meetings, information presentations, team feedback, training facilitation or briefing sessions.


1. Introduction to Presentation Skills

  • Principles of face-to-face communication
  • Clarity, confidence and polish in presentations
  • The importance of your initial impact
  • Understanding and overcoming nervousness

2. Physical Elements of Presentations

  • Making the most of personal impact through body language and eye contact
  • Enhancing your vocal impact
  • Avoiding typical speech mistakes
  • Using notes effectively and confidently

Practice and feedback – Presentation 1

3. Structuring Presentations

  • Analysing the audience, their needs, objectives and expectations
  • Different types of presentations
  • Planning presentations
  • Making short presentations that deliver “punch”
  • Putting together longer or formal presentations
  • Structuring persuasive or sales presentations
  • Maximising your impact and keeping the audience interested

Practice and Feedback – Presentation 2

4. Using Presentation Aids

  • The use of various visual aids – flipcharts, boards & computers
  • General pointers for making visual notes for the audience
  • Creating professional Power Point presentations with impact
  • Techniques for professional use of Power Point and other visual aids

5. Controlling Group Dynamics

  • Developing questioning and listening techniques
  • Answering questions from a group
  • Handling awkward and problem situations
  • Dealing with various kinds of difficult people within a group
  • Dealing with difficult groups

Final Evaluation and Feedback

“This Presentation Skills course was wonderful. I feel that I absorbed more on this workshop than on any others I’ve been on. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.” (R.A., Forward Slash)

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