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Problem Solving and Decision-Making Skills

Our one day problem solving and decision making skills programme for anyone who are required to make business decisions.

1 Day (Also available as a 2-day programme)

People at any level in a business, who are required to make either small or large decisions, especially those in leadership roles.


1. Understanding Problem-Solving & Decision-Making:

  • Defining Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Defining a Sound Decision
  • Understanding Risk
  • Different Decision-Making Styles
  • Personal Approaches to Problem-Solving
  • The Seven Stages of Problem-Solving
  • Distinguishing betw Problems, Challenges, Matters requiring Decisions
  • Understanding Stress and Change, and the Personal Effects of Stress
  • Living with Decisions

2. The Techniques of Problem-Solving & Decision-Making:

  • Exploring & Understanding the Problem, including causes and effects
  • Analysing Alternatives
  • Scenario-Planning
  • Lateral and Creative Thinking
  • Balancing Risk and Rewards
  • Methods for Identifying possible Solutions

3. Group Decision-Making:

  • The Group Problem-Solving Process
  • Facilitating Group Thinking
  • Risk Analysis for Groups
  • Guidelines for Implementing Group Decisions
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