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Professional Front-Line Communication

Statistics show that 96% of customers don’t complain when they have a problem – they just don’t return. Yet the people who play the biggest part in selling your company – your front-line staff – are often overlooked when training takes place. They are expected to have a sound knowledge of the company, excellent communication ability, yet are given very little feedback. This practical and informative programme is designed to equip staff with skills to market the organisation effectively, to assist in the efficient running of your business, and to improve their professional image, both internally and externally. Learning takes place through extensive role-playing, skills practise, individual problem-solving exercises and encouragement of creative thinking.

1 or 2 Days

Anyone who represents your company to the public, eg: receptionsts, telephonists, personal assistants, call centre staff, customer service staff, telesales staff and support staff.


Day 1:

  • Understanding the role of front-line staff
  • Enhancing the professional image
  • Communication – verbal and non-verbal
  • Professional telephone skills and discourse
  • Listening skills & questioning techniques
  • The efficient front-desk function
  • Understanding marketing & customer relations
  • Turning complaints into opportunities
  • Dealing with irate and difficult customers
  • Positive attitude and happiness at work

Day 2:

  • Planning, efficiency & time management
  • Handling stress
  • Problem-solving exercises
  • Assertive communication skills
  • Professional e-mail communication (optional)
  • Organising & co-ordinating functions
  • Telephone sales techniques (optional)
  • Working effectively with managers
  • Managing conflict at work
  • Building co-operative relationships
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