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Successful Sales and Marketing Skills

A two day sales & marketing skills programme for anyone that is involved in sales presentations and prospecting.

2 Days

People at either management or non-management levels involved in all types of sales presentations and prospecting.


1. Introduction to Sales and Marketing

2. Principles of Effective Communication

  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • The Advantages & Disadvantages of the Different Communication Methods
  • Hazards of E-Mail Communication
  • Making E-Mail Communication more Effective
  • Principles of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • The Role of Listening

3. Building a Client Base

  • Identifying an “edge” over competitors
  • Contextual Marketing Principles
  • Establishing a Potential Client Base
  • Developing a Client Listing
  • Making Appointments and “Cold” Calls

4. Sales Presentations

  • Analysing the Customer and his/her needs
  • Planning Sales Presentations
  • Structuring Sales Presentations
  • Sales Communication Techniques
  • Active and Reflective Listening
  • Questioning Techniques

5. Handling Objections

  • Understanding and overcoming objections
  • Handling “Difficult People”
  • Role plays and skills practice

6. Following up Sales Calls

  • Ensuring Customer Loyalty
  • The “Happy Prisoner ” Concept

7. Daily Time Management and Planning

  • Motivation and Goal-Setting
  • Developing Positive Self-Expectancy
  • Setting Personal Goals
  • Victim to Victor Concept
  • Setting and Achieving Sales Targets
  • How to Prioritise
  • Diary Management and Daily Planning
  • Overcoming Procrastination and Time-Wasters
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