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Time and Stress Management Training Workshop

1 Day (Also available as a 2-day on-site programme)


Stress16Anyone who feels they could make better use of the time available to them and achieve more in less time, especially people affected by stress and/or change, people who are battling to meet deadlines, to plan and prioritise their day, or who seem to always be performing under pressure from others.


1. Introduction: Understanding Time and Stress Problems

  • Personal Inventory & Objective-Setting
  • How the modern business environment affects how we work
  • “Too much to do and too little time”
  • Examining the real causes of time management problems
  • Choices and responsibilities

2. Stress Management

  • Understanding Stress
  • Identifying Stressors
  • Identifying your stress reactions and coping mechanisms
  • Coping with and adapting to change; risk taking & stress
  • Model for handling stress
  • Stress Management Techniques

3. Planning and Proactivity

  • Identifying your priorities – personal and work related
  • Understanding Motivation and barriers to motivation
  • Reducing self-limiting thinking
  • Setting realistic goals – long, medium and short-term
  • Becoming more pro-active
  • Reducing procrastination

4. Time Management – Becoming more Organised

  • Time Management Principles
  • Time-Waster’s Questionnaire
  • Identifying and eliminating time wasters
  • How to Prioritise and Plan daily
  • Practical Prioritising exercises
  • Distinguishing between “Urgent” and “Important”
  • Setting daily objectives and sticking to your plan
  • Using a daily planner / diary system
  • Techniques for managing time more efficiently
  • Reducing time-wasting in meetings
  • Managing other people’s impact on your time
  • Achieving more each day
  • Creating balance between work and personal life

5. Saying “No”

  • Eliminating non-essentials from your day
  • Establishing when to say “No”
  • How to refuse demands appropriately
  • How to Delegate effectively
  • When and how to relinquish control

6. Revising personal action plans & goals

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