Our Training Approach

How do we ensure our training courses really work?

Customised Training Material that Meets the Client’s Needs

Customised TrainingWe conduct a needs analysis before delivering our training programmes, to ensure the outcomes are in line with the learners’ needs and our client’s objectives. All our material can be customised at no additional charge.

Look at the “Bigger Picture”

We explore more than simply training to fix a problem. We work with a number of experts in various fields, to be able to guide you in the right direction. When a training course identified, we like to be able to integrate this with any other interventions our clients are undertaking.

Small Groups to Maximize Interaction and Practice

We limit our group sizes so that the facilitator can focus on the individuals’ application of the learning, ensuring it’s not merely a theoretical exercise. We pride ourselves on being one of the most “Hands-on” and practically-focussed training companies around.

Current and Local Course Content

All our courses are updated continually and are created in South Africa for South Africans. We using local flavour in our exercises and audio-visual aids. We research national and international trends and media to bring the most up-to-date content into the training room.

The “Wow” Factor

Training courses must impress people, especially in this age where information is readily available to anyone, anytime. We only employ facilitators who are experts in their field, who really “connect” with the learners, who engage at the right level for the learners, and who are continually flexible in their approaches.

Instil Learner Commitment

Customised Corporate TrainingThrough our facilitation style, and with the use of meaningful communication, we foster the learner’s desire to improve their work experiences and change their habits. During and after the training, learners are encouraged to evaluate themselves against what they’ve learned, and make very specific action plans to address their development.

Evaluation and Feedback

Assessment is done by learners themselves, and their peers, as well as by the facilitator, throughout the training. Where possible we offer formal assessment  with thorough pre- and post- training evaluation. We offer comprehensive feedback reports to management, which might include individual assessments, facilitator’s observations and recommendations for ongoing development.

Post-Course Support

Our facilitators offer unlimited ongoing telephone and e-mail support to all learners. Learners are also encouraged to engage with our development forum and specific social media networks. Our forums are continually updated and kept relevant to business and global trends.

Exceptional Back-Office Support

When you deal with us, you deal with real people, in real time, promptly. Our clients aren’t handled by impersonal systems that fail when technology doesn’t perform.

Training Assessment

We understand that assessment is only as powerful as the buy-in and commitment it receives from those involved. Consequently we prefer to work with our clients in determining a relevant assessment strategy. We offer three assessment options:

  1. Training AssessmentTraining Room Assessment (non-credit bearing)
    Is always included in our training programmes with line management involvement, and aligned to key business objectives.
  2. Formal Assessment for NQF Credits
    For organisations that require full learner competency assessments. This enables learners to apply for NQF credits against unit standards. A portfolio of evidence is completed by the learner in the workplace and in the training room. Learners are assessed against the unit standards selected by the client and the assessment process is determined in consultation with the client.
  3. Assessment without NQF Credits
    Learners produce practical work-based assignments that relate specifically to their learning objectives and the company’s competency needs. Detailed feedback is given by the facilitator to each learner, and the company and the learner both receive detailed reports on competency achievements and further development needs.

We will gladly guide you towards an assessment strategy that fulfills your operational and learner requirements.

All Copperline’s training programmes are unit standard aligned and quality assured.

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