Diversity & Transformation

Diversity and Transformation

We have developed numerous resources and tools to help companies with Organisational Transformation, Employment Equity and Diversity Management.

Our extensive experience also enables us to provide comparative and benchmarking information to give businesses guidance on what progressive South African companies are doing to implement organisational transformation. We help you to implement best practice and assistance with transformation plans.

In addition we offer diversity training and diversity awareness workshops to all staff and managers throughout your business (See the course outline below):

Diversity Workshops

Through the use of experiential exercises, practical examples and interactive information sessions, this diversity awareness workshop will enable participants to:

• Understand the implications of the Employment Equity Act with respect to company practices and policies
• Explore typical diversity challenges in South African business
• Understand the meaning and value of diversity in a company culture
• Gain a better understanding and tolerance of the different South African cultures
• Communicate effectively with different groups

Programme Content:
  • Understanding the new EE Act and its legal requirements on employers and employees
  • Business and Social Imperatives
  • Defining Prejudice, Discrimination and Indirect Discrimination
  • Distinguishing between Fair and Unfair Discrimination
  • Best Practice for Transformation and Diversity Management in organisations
  • Defining Culture & Typical South African Cultures
  • Spiritual beliefs and social traditions in Moslem, Hindu, Christian, Jewish and African cultures
  • Socialization & Stereotypes
  • Understanding & dealing with Prejudice
  • Inter-cultural non-verbal cues
  • Strategies for Communication in a Diverse World

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