Employment Equity Consulting

We will help you pass an Employment Equity Inspection by the Department of Labour.  For R6 000 we will provide you with all the necessary documents to help prepare your Employment Equity Plan and pass the Employment Equity Compliance Audit.


•  Benchmarking and best practice advice on Equity Plans, Reports and all HR policies and Procedures
•  Reducing conflict between staff or management and unions
•  Liaising with management & HR to ensure ongoing integration of company strategy with EE planning
•  Ensuring all company documentation is accurate and withstands Dept of Labour Audit requirements
•  Ongoing advice and assistance to HR and EE Forum members


1.  Workshop with Exco and management on company obligations w.r.t. Employment Equity Act
2.  Sensitization of Staff on EE Process and preparation for nomination of Forum
3.  Guiding the Company on Nomination Process for the EE Committee
4.  Full-day training of EE Forum and / or key stakeholders (more information)
5.  Setting up Forum with:

•  Employment Equity ActEE Committee Constitution & Code of Conduct
•  EE Nomination and Acceptance forms
•  Example of Agenda for Meetings
•  Roles & Responsibilities outlines
•  Guidelines for EE Committee Meeting minutes
•  Meeting Attendance Registers
•  Other documents for EE File
•  Checklist for assessing barriers to Equity
•  Relevant legislative forms from EE Act
•  Guidelines for persuasive communication
•  Guide for communicating EE within the Company
•  Distinguishing EE problems from other issues
•  Examples of practical implementation of Equity plans
•  Examples of what other companies are doing with respect to EE

6.  Development of Company EE Policy and Procedures
7.  Conducting an audit of EE Barriers – workshop with management and EE Forum
8.  Review of company policies and procedures
9.  Facilitation of identification of Affirmative Action Barriers
10.  Facilitation of EE Plan design, integrated with organizational strategy
11.  Facilitating staff education in Employment Equity; clarifying understanding of “Discrimination”
12. DVD to communicate EE to all staff, with fully comprehensive facilitator guide (more information)
13.  Facilitation or attendance of EE Forum meetings and EE Planning; minuting & documenting actions
14.  Develop and analyse methods for extracting information re. Equity barriers from staff
15.  Analyse barriers identified and draft Qualitative plan for Equity Reporting
16.  Advise and facilitate communication of EE Plan to workforce
17.  Ongoing HR services (various) to ensure implementation of EE Plan
18.  Annual EE Report submissions
19.  Audits and Checks of EE File and attendance of DoL audit
20.  Assistance with EE queries and complaints and ongoing support to EE Manager

For the Code of Good Practice on Employment Equity, published by the Department of Labour, follow this link:
DoL Code of Good Practice

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